Voting State Deadlines

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Voting Deadlines/Delivery Methods by State for
2012 U.S. General Election 6 November

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(See NOTES at bottom)
Voter Must Be Registered Ballot Must Be Requested

Ballot Must Be Post- marked

Ballot Must Be Received Ballot Request Methods Ballot Delivery Method
Alabama 26-Oct 1-Nov 5-Nov 6-Nov M M
Alaska 7-Oct 27-Oct 6-Nov 21-Nov MF /E MF
Arizona 6-Nov 6-Nov   6-Nov FM MF /Upload
Arkansas - 30-Oct 6-Nov 16-Nov MFE M
California 22-Oct 30-Oct   6-Nov MFE MF
Colorado 9-Oct 30-Oct 6-Nov 14-Nov MFE MF /E
Connecticut 5-Nov 5-Nov   6-Nov MFE M
Delaware 22-Oct 2-Nov   6-Nov MFE MF /E
District of Columbia 9-Oct 30-Oct 6-Nov 16-Nov MFE MF /E
Florida 9-Oct 31-Oct 6-Nov 16-Nov MFE * MF
Georgia 9-Oct 2-Nov 6-Nov 9-Nov MFE * M
Hawaii 8-Oct 30-Oct   6-Nov MFE MF
Idaho 12-Oct 31-Oct   6-Nov MFE M
Illinois - 29-Oct 6-Nov 20-Nov MFE MFE /upload
Indiana 27-Oct 29-Oct   6-Nov MFE MFE **
Iowa - 2-Nov 5-Nov 12-Nov MFE M ***
Kansas - 6-Nov   6-Nov MFE MFE
Kentucky 9-Oct 30-Oct   6-Nov MFE M
Louisiana 8-Oct 5-Nov   6-Nov MFE MF
Maine - -   6-Nov MFE M
Maryland 16-Oct 30-Oct 6-Nov 16-Nov MFE * M
Massachusetts - 5-Nov 6-Nov 16-Nov MFE MFE
Michigan - 3-Nov   6-Nov MFE M
Minnesota - -   6-Nov MFE M
Mississippi 27-Oct -   6-Nov MFE MFE
Missouri 10-Oct 31-Oct   6-Nov MFE **** MFE (spec. Allw)
Montana - -   6-Nov MFE MFE
Nebraska 19-Oct 31-Oct   6-Nov MFE M
Nevada 6-Oct 30-Oct   6-Nov MFE MFE
New Hampshire - 5-Nov   6-Nov MFE *5 M
New Jersey 16-Oct 30-Oct   6-Nov MFE MFE
New Mexico - 2-Nov   6-Nov MFE MFE
New York 12-Oct 26-Oct 5-Nov 19-Nov MFE M
North Carolina 5-Nov 5-Nov   6-Nov MFE MFE
North Dakota - 22-Sep 6-Nov 9-Nov MFE MFE
Ohio 9-Oct 3-Nov 6-Nov 16-Nov MFE M
Oklahoma - 31-Oct   6-Nov MFE *6 MF
Oregon 17-Oct -   6-Nov MFE M
Pennsylvania 9-Oct - 5-Nov 13-Nov MFE M
Puerto Rico 17-Sep 7-Sep   6-Nov    
Rhode Island 7-Oct 16-Oct   6-Nov MF *7 MF *7
South Carolina 6-Oct 5-Nov   6-Nov MFE MFE
South Dakota 22-Oct -   6-Nov MFE M
Tennessee 30-Oct 30-Oct   6-Nov MFE M
Texas 9-Oct 30-Oct 6-Nov 12-Nov MFE *8 M
Utah 2-Nov 2-Nov 5-Nov 19-Nov MFE M/FE wiith waiver
Vermont 31-Oct 5-Nov   6-Nov MFE M
Virginia 15-Oct 30-Oct   6-Nov MFE M
Washington - - 6-Nov 26-Nov MFE MFE
West Virginia 16-Oct 31-Oct 6-Nov 13-Nov MFE MFE
Wisconsin 17-Oct 2-Nov   6-Nov MFE M
Wyoming 23-Oct 5-Nov   6-Nov M M


Legend for MFE Information

M Mail
E Email
F Fax

* Email optional if already registered. New registrants mail only
** If FPCA submitted by mail, ballot must be submitted by mail
*** Voters in danger-pay areas may submit ballot by fax or email
**** To register FPCA mail only; ballot request MFE
*5 If submit FPCA by email or fax also submit by mail
*6 may be emailed to for faxing onward to Local Election Official
*7 fax ballot only if requested and received ballot by fax
*8 By mail fax email and contract courier

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