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Are You Registered to Vote this Year?

Have you requested your ballot so you can vote from here this November? If not, NOW is the time to do it -- register soon  in order to vote in the general election in November, and request your ballot for the ultra-important 2016 Presidential, Senate, and Congressional elections (as well as other Governor and local elections).

Note that if you hare properly registered, you should receive your ballot from your state official (by email)-- they are required to send those out 45 days prior to the election date. It's all now very simple to take this step:

  • Simply go to (VFA) and answer the questions. The site will generate all the forms you need and give you complete instructions.
  • When you receive your ballot, fill it out and return as requested by your state. Complete instructions will be included.
  • Pat yourself on the back for taking a crucial step in our democratic process.

If you have questions, please see notes on the VFA site itself, or our FAQ/voting-help list here.

How ACA (Obamacare) Affects Americans Living Abroad

[Below is a summary of how the ACA (Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare) affects those of us living abroad (emphasis added by me).  Our thanks go out to Democrats Abroad for preparing this.  Note that if you are inside the US more than parts of about 35 days/year, you MIGHT be subject to the penalty -- which can be substantial -- if you don't have this insurance.  Note that the ACA insurance plans only pay for medical services in the US, just like Medicare.  We highly recommend that all of you to have medical insurance that covers you here.  Dave, 2014/03/17]

Summary Prepared by Sabrina Segal, Democrats Abroad Italy

Bernie Sanders Has Had Enough Of This 'Cut Social Security' Crap

And he'll give a piece of his mind to anyone who's foolish enough to say otherwise.

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